Sunday, February 10, 2013

W.I.P.-ed: Black Hearts and Girls

A couple of my current art W.I.P.s that I hope to finish soon. Maybe I can finish these two by the end of the week...I will try.

Here are my black hearts. I  bought these a long time ago because they were cheap. I wanted to do something with them but then forgot about them. This is part of my Crafting Clean Out project that I started last night. You'll find the original heart in that post. I'm probably going to paint designs on these hearts and put them on a cord to sell as necklaces but that's still uncertain. I haven't really decided what I'm going to do with them.

This is a little girl who currently lives on my art journal page. I haven't been art journaling in a while, possibly because I'm awful at it. I'm too big of a perfectionist and I have a hard time working on art if someone is watching me. It's weird, I know but knowing that someone is watching makes me uncomfortable.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with her - she's not even finished. She drying so I can fix her up tomorrow. Well, I'll figure something out.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your cute little illustration. I'm your latest follower from the Happy Friday Blog hop. Come over and check out my crochet creations

    1. I'm glad you liked it.

      I'll be glad to check out your creations. Thanks for stopping by and for following.