Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nanny Notes - Little One the Monster

Meet Atlas. One of my turtles from my collection.

Another day watching Little One. I watched her yesterday too but there really wasn't anything to talk about since she slept the whole time.

Today, she is a mischievous little child, constantly getting into trouble. She is still testing me to see how far I'll go. Little devil. Maybe that's what I should call her instead. The Little Devil and her sister could be the Drama Queen. Nah, I wouldn't call them that. They are sweet girls most of the time.

Anyway - I'm getting side tracked - she was a monster. She wasn't listening, she kept telling me no when I asked her to do something... I consider this normal behavior but it's not something I enjoy. She just got lucky that she didn't need to go to time out today.

Toys are just ridiculous these day. We had to use our imaginations.
Other than that today went well. She did my hair which was a painful experience but Little One was happy.  Can't go wrong there. She made me fix her hair dryer...the toy one. Whenever I look at this hair salon kit, I just shake my head. They certainly added a lot of things since I was a kid, that's for sure. I know we didn't have a flat iron in our kit. We did have a hair dryer that turned on. Oh, and we didn't have a hair washing station. That makes me laugh though it took me awhile to figure out what I was looking at. Man, toys have gotten elaborate since I was younger.  I guess that's just how things are these days.

He was hiding from her (playing hide and seek)
I guess you're probably wondering why I have a picture of my stuffed animal turtle. That's because Little One fell in love with him when she first saw him and wanted to keep him, so I told her that I would bring him today but she wasn't allowed to keep it. Usually, when I walk into the door, she asks me for my phone. Today, she asked me for my turtle (well, she called it a frog but I understood what she wanted). It was nice that she didn't ask for my phone. I think that child is obessed with my phone.

Speaking of that, does anyone know of any good apps for children? I would love to put a game on there that she would benefit from in the end.

Hmm...what else happened today?

Paris napping. Tomorrow, I'm going to post my favorite picture of her.
She went down for her nap without a problem. The Parents decided to give back her pacifiers. She isn't ready to let go of them but I'm sure they are going to try again soon-ish. The Older One came home and she was great. No whining, no arguing. We played school and she made us books and folders when she was at school today. Seriously, this girl was awesome today. The Older One was the teacher and she was trying to read a story to us, making it up as she went. Honestly, I think it is cute when kids to that. They look at the pictures and make up their own stories. Half the time they don't make sense but that is why I think it's cute. It's also a good creative exercise.

Little One didn't pay attention. I never expected her to but she was rather rude to everyone who got in her way. I had to talk to her, and told her that she was going to sit in time out if she didn't stop yelling at people.

Okay, now, I'm just rambling. I'll stop now and let you know that I finished my 2nd 100TC artwork done. I'll be posting it on Thursday.

I hope you have a good day!


* I decided to call these Nanny Notes. I only post these twice a week (unless I work more than twice a week) and they will be about my adventures working for this new family. I wish I did this with the other family I worked with...it would have been interesting.

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