Sunday, August 4, 2013

Spending Time Outside

On Tuesday, the other nannies and I made this giant outdoor waterbed for the kids. They had a blast on this thing. It was also nice to have other adults to talk to while working. The kids also enjoy having other children to be around. We have Pinterest and the clever parent who blogged about this to thank for it.

The girls and I had a picnic outside last week too. On Tuesday, we had it out in the backyard where this little guy caused the girls to run back in the house. It was rather funny...even if the girls spilled their drinks all over the blankets to get in the house. I was left to clean everything up but it was worth it. 

Wednesday turned out to be a rainy day. We played outside whenever the weather allowed it and I ended up staying late so the mom and dad could go out for an impromptu date night. We had a picnic in the garage so we wouldn't get rained on but it was a blast. In the end, the rain cleared up and we played outside with the neighbors until it was time to get the two-year-old ready for bed.

Friday, I was asked to work, which was fine because the nannies and I went to the zoo. It was a special day they had there for the kids where they got a ton of free stuff. I can't tell you how many coupons I got. There were also flyers to other events there, like the pirate day...I really want to go to pirate day. It's a scavenger hunt! Anyway, the zoo was a bit of an adventure. Becca, one of the nannies, had an issue with her car...her battery died so we had to jump it. Thank goodness Samantha (another nanny) was there. She knew what she was doing.

This week, I have a pretty big craft that the girls and I are doing. It's mostly for Aubrey (the oldest). I'm actually rather excited about this craft.