Monday, July 29, 2013

The Girl in the Green Dress: Meeting Jamie

The Girl in the Green Dress is a little story I made up. I had painted the girl a long time ago and the point of it is you can't see her face. Ever. I made sure of it. The story isn't supposed to be a happy one either. The girl, Sky, comes from a very neglectful family. Is there a plot to the story? Yes, eventually, you will see it.

Another thing about this story is that this is all made on my cellphone. The quality of the pictures aren't great but it was fun to make on my phone. It gives me the option to work on it anywhere.

So what you are about to read it the rough version of my story. It isn't edited...and I already see a couple of things I have to fix but I will do that later. This story probably isn't the best to read to a child...That's strictly up to you.

Sky was a quiet little girl whose parents were too busy to spend time with her. Almost everyday, they left her home along, telling her to stay inside so no one would see her.

One day, Sky found a sewing kit in the hallway closet and hid it in her room so her parents would find it. When they left for work, she rummaged through the clothes that didn't fit her, and decided to make her very own friend...her very first friend...

When she finished, Sky picked up the doll with her sore hands and stared at the limp imperfect doll. The stitches all around her were uneven but it held together pretty well.

Sky smiled at her handy work and decided to give her new friend a name...Jamie.

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A Few Weeks Worth of Crafts

I'm very behind on showing off the crafts the girls and I made this summer. We have been extremely busy...and I got a little lazy when it came to blogging so I have a few things I need to catch up on. Let's start with out projects.

The girls and I do a craft almost everyday. I say almost because I can't afford to do crafts all of the time if they involve me buying something.

So here are the crafts that we've done since the last post...

 We made creatures from large pieces of paper. It was an accident that we came across it this way but the girls love them. In fact, they still have them. We made these weeks ago. This little guy is Faluvious.

 This one is Sophia. She is much bigger than the one above. She is about a foot and a half tall and is currently residing on the two-year-old's dresser.

 The same day we made Sophia and Faluvious, we made these for the fourth of July. They still have these hanging around somewhere in the house.

 Here is another one. I believe this one is Brynna's but I can't never be certain. They like to share everything after awhile.
We had some seriously hot days in July so the girls and I took out the slip 'n slide...and we put it on their very steep hill...with soap and little inner tubes. Let's just say, it was some fun stuff. The girls loved it.

I also bought these kits that were like a dollar. Aubrey stole my eye so I had a cyclops crab. We also made stained glass that day before we went outside for another day on the slip 'n slide.

We only made banana bread because there were some left over bananas that were the girls and I made some. It turned out okay. It wasn't my favorite but I like the little biscuits we made.

These biscuits were experimental. We didn't know what we were doing. They turned out to be great with the strawberry sauce for strawberry shortcake. Well, my sister an I believe so anyway. I'll be posting my recipe for this later.

Just last week we made paper dolls. These were on sale so we decided that we would dress them up. This is Rick and Sarah and they are going on a date.

We also made stickers last week. This is a big sticker. My sister, Vanessa, gave me a bunch of labels from work that they didn't need and we used them for our own purposes. I have so many sheets of this stuff left over that I don't know what I'm going to do with them.

I'm not sure what the girls and I will be doing this week. I know that the other nannies and I are planning on making an outdoor water bed for the kids at some point but the weather seems to be a bit gloomy these days.