Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nanny Notes - Sick Day

I didn't just work today, I worked yesterday as well but it was for a short amount of time, so I didn't feel the need to post anything yesterday about it. Instead I will post today and tell you all about Little One.

She was very silly and playful yesterday when I was there. Sure, she had to sit in time out once but that was because she wasn't listening when I said she couldn't watch a movie. I'm very strict on movies and T.V. watching. That's partially because I think they could do more that just sit around in front of the T.V. all day. So we went down stairs and played down there. Little One dumped all of the chalk onto the floor because she wanted to see if I'd pick it up...but I wasn't falling for it. I had her pick it up while I cleaned out other mess. After her quick snack, she went to her room and grabbed this giant caterpillar/centipede stuffed animal and pretended to ride it. Of course, she wanted me to ride it too which made her laugh hysterically. She's such a cute little girl.

Today was an interesting day. I get to the house and was greeted by the Older One opening the door and the dog flying out to greet me. The dog never listens to me so it took me a few minutes of coaxing to get her back into the house. Silly creature.

The older one was home sick today because her stomach hurt. She did have moments when she had to lay down and she just didn't look well, so I believed that she was sick.

Somehow the girls convinced me to make them glasses out of paper because I told them I wore glasses. The Older One convinced Little One that the glasses helped her read better...crazy girls. Things went smoothly for us.

Then at around mid-nap time for Little One, their mother came home sick wit a stomach issue...just like Older One's problem. She relaxed, of course. Why wouldn't she? She didn't feel well. I kept the girls entertained until I had to go home. We built a huge fort and play board games like Farkle and Candyland.

We are all really excited for tomorrow. We are making chocolate for Valentine's day. And I forgot to make the boxes for them...shoot. I will have to do that at work tomorrow.

Overall, it was a fun day!

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