Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some art

This is something that I did in replacement of my train case. Weather and time haven't really been my friend...still. I decided to get back into my sister and I call these blobby trees. I've been seeing these everywhere so I decided to try it. I love them but I don't think I'll be using them in my art often. They are good for a quick sketch but I've been trying to get back into my own sketches...I won't like I think it has something to do with the Mixed Media journal I've been using. It just isn't the same as my Canson ones.

Yes, I've very peculiar about my things. Mostly dealing with paper and pens. It's weird I know. I've always been like this. I've got to finish watching this episode of Warehouse 13. Which has become a TV show I'm in love with.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weather Isn't On My Side

I've been trying to work on my train case but it keeps raining or it's too cold. So instead, I've been working on other things. I've been sketching out things I'm going to be adding to my shop for the season. They should be up by this weekend.

My On The Rocks characters will be posted soon in sets along with their homes. Should be fun. I'm also going to start working on this novel planning website that my sister and I talked about. Not much is going into it yet since I'm currently preparing myself and helping others get ready for National Novel Writing Month. I'm writing blog posts for a Deviant Art Group called Wrimo-Writers. I have to start making plotting posts.

At the moment, I'm distracted with the TV show Merlin. I'm obsessed.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Projects

Altering my train case.

This is a trail and error thing. I've never done this before. Today I'll be working on cleaning it and making a design for it that I'll probably end up painting. I might also do research on how to fix up the inside. Mine isn't so bad but I want it to be different. I have no idea what I'll be using this for but I can never have too much storage. It would be perfect for if I decide to go to J-fax as a vendor. I can put my charms inside.

Another project, that I might have mentioned before, is my diorama for a contest on DeviantArt. I just need a shoe box and I can get started. Unfortunately, no one has a shoebox I can have. I'd best get looking or start making the diorama out of the cardboard around here.