Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nanny Notes - Putting My Foot Down

Creepy Potato Head Little One made today.
I'll make this short since Little One did pretty well today. She was a bit of a troublemaker throughout most of the day but what caused me to put my foot down was when she ignored me. I had asked her to take care of her coloring book and she just walked away, when she clearly could hear me. So, I did the count down from three. For some reason Little one doesn't believe that I will really put her in time out. She continued to walk away when I said one so I walked after her...

...she ran into her castle tent thing in her room. I just pulled the giant ladybug pillow pet (or whatever it was) out because she was sitting right on top of it and made her walk to time out. After that, she cleaned up her mess...and then she sat on the counter even though we have a strict rule about counter climbing - she's not allowed to do it. Since she decided not to listen again, she got sent to time out with a clear warning that if she didn't start listening, there would be more time outs.
Little One washing her hands.

After that, she was perfectly good. There was one point where she was scared of the bathroom. It was completely random. She usually likes to use the potty alone but she wouldn't let me out of her sight today. But I did teach her to wash her hands really well. I'm a stickler on hand washing after using the bathroom..

Oh, and about the Mr. Potato Head. Little One has been really into making these...and she never fails to creep me out a bit. I posted another one on twitter. I'm going to take a picture of every single one of them. It would work well if I ever decided to write horror. They will be my inspiration.

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