Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Lee

Lee with my guitar
Here is another sibling dedicated post. A short one. I could write a lot about Lee but napping in the middle of the day tends to leave me with little to write.

Lee is the brother I never really got along with. He is 11 months older than me, and, for most of our childhood, we fought. Bickering mostly. He is kind of full of himself but it's usually all in good fun...usually. Sometimes I'm not so sure.

Lee rocking out my scarf while we listened to my iPod...just a normal sibling outing.
He's in the navy and he seems to enjoy it. Frankly, it seems to suit him. When he comes up to visit us, we usually go know, like we Glass siblings like to do because we are awesome like that. Yes, we still bicker from time to time, but usually when he calls, I can't get him to shut up about stuff. He usually tells me things that happened to him or we talk about Disney movies. Franklin might be the one to memorize Disney movies but Lee collects them.

L is for Ludo

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