Sunday, December 7, 2014

Getting Back Into Art

I haven't been around in several months. I guess another thing I have to get back into is blogging, not just art. I've been posting a lot of the things I make on my instagram but that's about it. Since my sister and I moved to a new place, I've been wanting to do some more artsy things. I bought some air dry clay that I plan to use eventually. It's not the paper clay that I like but it will do for now. I just want to get back into it.

Just recently, I bought a new sketch book. It's not a big one but I don't plan on using paint in this book like I normally do. I plan to start the year off with zentangles. They are time consuming but they are fun. I do enjoy them. I'm currently shopping around for good pens. My go-to pen of choice is usually always Mircon but since it's not in my price range (or when it is, they never have the sizes I need) I need to find a cheap alternative. I used a cheap craft store brand pen this time. It's the same as a Miron but they are cheaper and don't last as long.

This is the zentangle I started out with. It wasn't supposed to be a zentangle but the dumpy little flower I mad looked awful so I had to fix it up. I ended up making this. A lot of it was experimentation. Like the boarder. I saw it on Pinterest and just had to try it. 

My other practice sheet (above) is just a bunch of circles and I'm filling in the spaces. I consider this more as a reference sheet than anything. A lot of these I had to come up with randomly. Some of the patterns I found on Pinterest. This is my work in progress.

In 2015, I'm hoping to start blogging again. I want to do more art. I want to reopen my Etsy shop (and open my other one while I'm at it). There are things I need to do before then and that is make stuff. My Etsy shop(s) won't be open in the beginning of the year but I want to start making things for them. I guess we'll see how it goes.

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