Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Treats

It's been a while since I last been on here. I've been writing and I've been keeping a separate blog for that. I don't update very often, I'll tell you that. So, I decided that I'm going to try to get back into blogging again since some of the things I have planned for the year involves being creative. And I want to start crafting with the girls more again. I've been slacking...a lot.

Wednesday, the girls and I made out Valentine's Day craft but I was on a budget so it was something simple, cheap, and somewhat easy. I made Rice Krispies Treats that we molded into hearts ourselves. We didn't have a cookie cutter and I love molding things with my hands. The girls didn't mind getting messy.

We took Wilton Candy Melts and coated the Rice Krispies Treats. It was different for every child. I also had to keep them from eating everything. It was hard. The oldest one really doesn't like to listen when I tell her not to eat something.

Here are a few of them. We gave some my friend who works just a few door down from my own work place and they were very excited to have them. It was actually rather cute how excited the oldest boy was.

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