Sunday, June 16, 2013

Create Something #1

Trying to get back into this blogging thing. I disappeared for a bit but I'll be making a post at least once a week in the summer...hopefully...if everything goes according to plan. Well see. I tend to get sidetracked with things...a lot.

Another thing I need to update is my Etsy shop. I have a few new items to add but I've been a bit lazy about posting them. Maybe I'll make a few more things before I get started on my Etsy shop again.

In a few minutes, Vanessa and I are going to start our crafting time. We call it Create Something, and we're supposed to do it twice a week but we haven't been doing a very good job at it. I don't think we created something since we changed the days. This is also going to be the first time I post it in my blog.

Today I decided to work on my Teacups. This one isn't even close to being done but I had to stop after about an hour or so. I have glue all over my hands and it isn't really pleasant.

Once I'm done with the outside, I'm going to probably repain the inside and put a thin coat of resin all over it so I can use it as a little flower pot to put in my window.


  1. Interesting. Is it just sculpture or will you be able to put things in it?

  2. I can put things inside of it. It's going to be a flower pot (a small one) when I'm done with it.