Saturday, September 15, 2012

Clay Creations

I've been making these all clay creations this weekend and I'm not finished. Some will be posted in my Etsy Shop but others will not. Let me show you what I have.

 These two gumball machines are in Etsy. The big one is a figurine and the small one is a charm.

 This is going to be modified a bit before I post it on Etsy but it's super awesome. I love it.

 This Calla Lily was a practice thing. I didn't post it to my Etsy and I don't know if I will. I think it's pretty cool though. It's an eyepin-less charm.
 I wanted to wear something like this but black doesn't show up in my hair...having dark hair and all.

 My elephant with a peanut. I was going to name him but I don't have one for him yet. He is a small little guy but very cute. This isn't is Etsy yet.

 I'm starting to make polymer clay buttons. This one is for my sister. It happens to be too thick to attach to clothes but it is for a bracelet.
Woot! Cactus charms! These are pretty cute, in my opinion.
BBC Sherlock Chibi...don't judge me. I had a better version of him but I lost him.

I was experimenting with polymer clay and crochet hooks. This one happens to be the one my sister stole from me. It turned out very well and I made a few more below.

Tada! These are my crochet hooks. I'm going to make more. I'll probably sell something like these in sets but not right now. I just think they are the coolest things ever and I hold my hooks so much easier now.

This wand is actually for my brother. It's made out of clay, a stick, and a marble.