Monday, April 27, 2015

Planners and Planner Supplies

I decided to take a break with making things for the home and share a post about my planners. This is a new hobby (so to say) of mine. I've been an inconsistent planner before, jotting down what I needed and all that jazz but lately, I've been really into decorating them. I have yet to find planner peace but I'm still tinkering around. One of my goals is to make a balanced schedule and it's helping me along with that nicely.

So, let me start off by showing off some of the items that I use*

*Please note: Everything I use might not be for you. This is just my own opinion.

These are my two planners. I have a personal/everyday/goes-with-me-almost-everywhere planner. That is the A5 planner. A5 is one of my favorite size for notebooks and for planners. It keeps me from overloading my days with tasks I know I won't finish.

The A4 planner is my business planner/binder of sorts. I'm trying to bring out my Etsy shop and get ready for possibly publishing soon (you can find more on the publishing on my other blog - here). I'm just trying to get on track with everything. Currently, I'm focusing more on my novels and writing side more than my Etsy shop. At least for now.

Pens are always a love of mine. I'm really picky about what I write with an tend to lean toward certain pens for different writing tasks. My favorite planning pens are the Papermate Flair Pens. There is a large variety of colors and write smoothly. I generally write with the black pens but will use other colors for other things that I need to pop out at me. 

Stickers are fun in planners. I use them for decorating or for tasks that I want to mark out on my week-at-a-glance pages. A lot of people sell task stickers on Etsy. In the pictures above, I separated the stickers that I have for a reason. They basically have different uses other than my daily task stickers but they came from two different places.

1. These stickers are from a shop called OneOrangeSnowflake on Etsy. I'm hoping I caught the shop on a bad time because it took nearly a month for my order to get to me. The shop does have good stickers though and I really do love my teepee stickers. If I ever run out of those, I'll repurchase them from her shop.

2. The Korean Diary stickers I order from an Etsy shop called JaliceArt. I love these stickers. I do find that I'm reluctant to use them but I know I can buy more. I'm just strange like that. These ship from China so for some people, it will take much longer to get to your mailbox but they are worth it. They are cute and there are a lot of stickers on the 6 sheets.

3. Sticko brand stickers are probably the easiest things to find in my area. They are usually pretty cheap if you look in the right places.

4. In the last box, are some of the stickers my sister made. She is opening her shop on May 8th, 2015 and is selling lots of awesome stuff. She made these stickers herself and she made the typewriter stickers for me. I've already started using them. There is a huge variety of stickers. Her shop can be found here and her website can be found here.
Washi tape is another item I use often. These are just little samples of the washi I use. I wrapped them around spools and put them in a little organizer on my desk. Washi Tape can but used for several kinds of projects and they aren't usually over priced. 

Paper clips are something I use more frequently than I realize. I use them to mark important pages and such. I definitely love the fun ones. My sister made me the superhero ones because - well, they are superheros. Who doesn't love a good superhero every now and then?

They don't have to be fancy or cute paper clips. They just need to be functional.

I have a serious love for sticky notes. It's a terrible thing to love but I can't help it. My use of sticky notes goes way beyond planners. I use it for novel writing or reminders. They are just nice to have around. They are a huge part of Brynna's learning games that I make for her.

Anyway, sticky notes - they can be cheap. Some note so much but the cheap ones work just as well as the strangely overpriced ones.

I don't use these as frequently as other items but they are good to have on hand. I use certain stamps to indicate something I have to do. This frees up space in the planner for other things and embellishes the page while doing so. These can run a little expensive but they are reusable which is better than stickers. At least they won't have to be repurchased...unless something happens to them.

Notepads are those things where I think I need a lot of them but I only ever used them occasionally. I do tend to purchase a lot of them but I try to use them for certain things. Writing lists is the main one. I'm sure I have more uses for these things that I'm not thinking of but that's all that really comes to mind.

There are a lot of other supplies I use that aren't listed. These are just the ones I find myself gravitating to the most. The items in the picture above are also very handy products to have.

Repositionable glue is something I use often and lasts forever. The adhesive tape is awesome for when those sticky notes don't want to stay put. Though, it is more permanent than the glue. It's good to have on hand anyway. And scissors because you never know when you need to cut something. I use scissors a lot for when I decorate a week.

That is all for my planner supplies. There are a lot of things that I use but I never use all of them at the same time. Well, if I do, I don't use a lot. That would be a bit overwhelming. 

Hopefully, next week I'll have a DIY project to post.

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  1. What a fun and useful post Tracey - thanks for sharing your creative planner ideas at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! :-)