Monday, February 2, 2015


Just recently, I got a new sketchbook and watercolor paints because mine Koi watercolors are packed away in a box somewhere. Anyway, I wanted to get back into sketching. Just a bit of doodling here and there. My goal is to practice some urban sketching. I've been playing around a bit and I know that I just need to practice a bit more before I get the hang of it. 

So, here are a few page in my sketchbook. Well the first few pages and my only sketches so far.

Page 1 is just me testing colors of the watercolors to see what they look like. I had a set like this but there were less colors. I'm not sure if I would use all of these colors but it's good to have.

Page 2 - Naturally, I have to draw a tree first. It started off as a bit of a blob, and it's still a bit of a blob. A blob with color. I was just testing out my colors with this. And trees are one of my "go to" drawings.

Page 3 - An eye. I didn't know what to do. I just decided to play around with things.

Page 4 - A flower. My other "go to" drawing. Not really anything special about this. I really didn't know what to draw.

Page 5 - Just some buildings. This was fun and very redundant. It's not perfect and I like it that way.

Page 6 - I just did this one this morning. This is a quick practice sketch. I think I did most of it while on the phone with my best friend. It's pretty flat looking. Again, just a practice sketch. I don't normally do things like this.

Eventually, I'll improve.

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