Saturday, March 9, 2013

Playing With Clay

I've been doing very little creating this awful of me. I have been working on more writing though, so that's not too bad. I'm super excited about Holly Lisle's How To Think Sideways ULTRA course that is going to be released soon.

During the week, I made a few clay items. One that I'm posting was a request from a friend and the other is part of my mask obsession...

This elephant is for a little boy's book report in a can/box. I also have an egg. His report is on Horton Lays An Egg. I had no idea until after I made this little guy but he is rather cute. I'm very happy with him. And I'm going to replace the elephant in my shop with this one...if I ever get around to posting more on Etsy.

...I really need to find my SD card (I'm so unorganized).

Here is my Year of the Snake mask. It's not done but I'm afraid I'm stuck on what to do next. I might make a few flowers of leaves to put on there maybe more seed beads....hmm...That wire mesh stuff behind it is just the formation of the mask.

It took me forever to carve the texture on the mask and snakes. My sister, Vanessa, was there most of the time (if not the whole time) I did it.

Side view of the mask. I think I need to add a flower or something.

These are the best pictures. If I wasn't so lazy, I would have edited them...but I'm lazy at the moment. And I need to figure out what theme I'm going to pick for the 100 Themes Challenge. 

...Oh boy. I'm behind on that challenge.

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  1. Love that little elephant!!!

    You really need to finish that mask! It's just sitting in my fridge...