Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Another Day as a Nanny

Yesterday, I was told Little One was with a pacifier for nap time. I wasn't certain how she would react but I had a feeling that it wouldn't be good. So when I put her down for her nap, she threw a little tantrum. You can't expect immediate acceptance from a child who loved her pacifier as much as Little One. Sh did eventually fall asleep thanks to her dad. She just needed some reassurance. Her pacifier was her safety blanket for a good part of her 2 years.

When I got into work today, she showed me her new baby doll that she got as a present for sleeping without her pacifier. Unfortunately, she didn't nap today. She isn't my child and I just started working here at the end of October (and only for 2 days a week). Give it time and I'll be very strict with her...well not very strict but strict enough. I already took her sucker away and she isn't happy about that but there is a rule with candy that I've used for the last 6.5 years. Kids have to earn it.

Well, now I have a grumpy child to deal with but that might have been because she was hungry. Little One can eat like a beast, that's for sure.

...nope. She is still grumpy.

Now, with her big sis thrown in, it has gotten...interesting. The Older One (5-years-old) has the tendency to want everything to go the way she wants them to. There are times when it gets out of hand but she can correct herself every now and then. She threw a little fit because I didn't want to get in the tent. It was a small tent and I told her no. She stormed to her room because of it. Man! What is with these kids today? They aren't always like this. Maybe my sleeping issue and the weird weather is causing us to go all crazy. Who knows? But today wasn't the best day at work...better than some of the days that I had in the past but not a good day at all.

It's clear that there are still some things that the girls and I need to work on. But I think right now I'll deal with that slowly. Little One is testing me to see how far she can go to get her way. I'm going to have to crack down on nap time so she won't pull that on me again.

*this was typed from my phone. Sorry if there are a lit of spelling mistakes.

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