Thursday, November 22, 2012

Craft Time With the Girls - Baking Sugar Cookies

I don't know if I posted this before but I got another job as a nanny. I help care for a two year old and, occasionally, a five year old. I really enjoy this job. The girls are just so cute and pleasant to be around. I mean, they are very independent and they like to do crafts. So once a week the girls and I pick a craft.

Yesterday, we made sugar cookies and the frosting as was a mess but they turned out well enough. The week before we made non-bake cookie dough. Before than we used polymer clay. And before that we made masks out of paper plates. This coming week (Monday) we are going to make Salt Dough Ornaments or the Baking Soda Ornaments. Probably the one that takes less time because the girls don't like to wait. I'm super excited about it.

So back to the sugar cookies.
I found a recipe on pinterest and decided to use it for the cookies. It also had the recipe for frosting. The girls decided to make their own frosting.

Here is a really bad picture of them.

Yeah, the frosting is wonderful, isn't it? I had to sneak in a bit of blue because it looked like a gross greenish gray color. And these cookies are huge. I let the girls put them on the cookie sheet.

They taste good but they don't look normal. At least they had fun. The link to the cookie recipe will be added below.

Where I got the recipe.

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